ICCID: 89014103270421603358 (If not working then Click Here)

IMSI : 310410111111111
Install IOS 17.x.x or Latest otherwise it will not work

1. Insert  sim card with unlock chip – > ( Watch video )
2. Wait  for a popup menu then press “MNC” Then Select “ICCID_MNC Manual”

3. Enter the ICCID code form above.
4.  Press “Send” and then ‘Accept’. Press continue to reach until home screen
5.  Setting Done. Your Iphone will be returned to activation screen and just activate with wifi
6. Unlocked!!!.

Still you have any issues please contact us now : Slick2buy@gmail.com with below details  

1) Order number (MUST) – Or Copy of Invoice 
2) Original carrier of the iphone ?
3) Which carrier Or SIM card are you going to use after unlock?
4) IMEI number of the iphone ?
5) IOS version of the iphone ? (Go to settings -> General -> About) 
Make sure you have latest ios 14.8 (otherwise it will not work
NEW METRO PCS Customers:

For ‘Metro PCS Sim card’ on any iphone getting message “No service”, You need to call METRO customer support and give your iphone IMEI number and ask them to activate your phone on your account to get the service (Need to restart your phone after activate your IMEI number)

Contact us: Slick2buy@gmail.com (We will not respond to any email without the above 5 details) for any issues.